gestorbenOur longtime co-worker and friend died on March 4th 2014 after long and severe illness.

Brigitte's death has touched all of us. While over the course of the last months and weeks we started to suspect that she would not recover it remains one of the biggest challenges in our life when we are confronted with the final departure of such a wonderful human being. Mascha Kaléko says in her poem Memento "consider: you only die your own death but you have to live with the death of others." "To live with" it, this is really very, very hard. Even if you maybe were a bit "prepared" and thought about it already, when it has happened there is so much grief and pain.

We have known Brigitte since 13 years and held her in high regard. She was a wonderful human being: always confident, helpful, full of ideas. She was a perfect fit for our project work and was very competent in practical matters as well as on a personal level. She was a very important member of our team and a big help! Her cheerfulness, her kindness, her laughter often infected us. She also had a chaotic side, yes, – but that was more of an asset than a drawback. Because: When it mattered she was there! You could always rely on her.

During our long cooperation we grew together and so a friendship developed in addition to the collegial relationship. Brigitte has done a lot for our database project and for the Stiftung Frauen-Literatur-Forschung e.V. Beyond that she was also active in politics in all those years. It was important to her to fight for a better world. With great dedication she organized events about the "unconditional basic income" and was an active member of the party THE LEFT.

Brigitte has endured her sickness with courage and endless patience. We are grateful that we had the chance to get to know and be together with her. Now she has left us forever and it hurts. She will live on in our memory.

Marion Schulz