DaSinD Texts is the “literary sister” of DaSinD online.

DaSinD online provides online access to the DATENBANK SCHRIFTSTELLERINNEN IN DEUTSCHLAND, ÖSTERREICH, SCHWEIZ 1945-2008 – a bio-bibliographic database about literary publications of women writers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1945.

DaSinD Texts offers theme-centered citations from literary publications by German-speaking women writers throughout the centuries.

DaSinD Texts is a database of scientific standard. Texts are solely cited from first editions or reprints or editions that fulfill scientific criteria. First published editions are cited if they differ from quoted sources. Copyright holders who granted publication permission are listed with our thanks.

DaSinD Texts is an expandable database. The respective supervisor of each subject is responsible for the correctness of the text material.

DaSinD Texts is an open-access database, accessible by everyone without limitations. DaSinD Texts starts with reflexA. Literarische Spiegelszenen von Frauen (© Nikola Roßbach)